Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On the Other Side of I-295

For the interns that have yet to leave DC this summer, this weekend is the time to get out and wander over the border into MD! Growing up in this area, one of my favorite summer events has always been Artscape. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend this year, but hopefully some of you all can check it out!

Artscape is a Baltimore arts festival where both local artists and artists from across the country are showcased. There’s everything from paintings and crafts to performance art like dance and fashion shows. And most of the art is pretty out there and eclectic so it’ll keep you quite entertained. Culinary art is also a part of the festival with a whole section that showcases international cuisine from local vendors. For you music lovers out there, there are free concerts with local bands and national headliners (I noticed Lupe Fiasco on the list) happening on the four or five stages located throughout the festival. And the best part is that it’s all FREE! For most specific details check out:

Now how do you get to the other side of I-295 to attend this fabulous event??

For you car-less folks (which I assume are most of you), if you go Friday after work, you can take the MARC commuter train out of Union Station to Baltimore Penn station (Penn Line). From there you can take the Light Rail shuttle to the University of Baltimore/Mt. Royal Avenue stop where the festival is going on. The last train to DC leaves at 10:10 PM and gets back to DC at 11:00. This will cost you about $15 roundtrip.

For the Penn Line MARC schedule:

For Light Rail Information:

If you’d rather go on the weekend, you can take the AMTRAK out of Union Station to Baltimore’s Penn Station & then take the Light Rail shuttle to the University of Baltimore/Mt. Royal Avenue stop for the festival. The AMTRAK will cost you more than the MARC (probably $30 roundtrip) but you can make a day-trip to Baltimore out of it!


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