Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Brief Treatise on Socks

Noting the recent posts on the topic of pants, I feel we need to appreciate the sartorial contributions of pants' slightly lower, often overlooked bretheren: the socks.

Socks are not just a means of keeping your feet warm, or getting sweat off your feet if they're hot, or keeping your shoes from getting really smelly. Socks offer an important window into someone's personality. For example, how does someone choose which socks to even buy, much less wear, among the various designs? Obviously, one picks the socks the appeal most to them. It is a matter of aesthetics. So at the very least, someone's socks tell you a little about what they think looks good (i.e., their aesthetics).

Socks are also a means of personal expression, especially if one rolls their pants up a lot. As one who appreciates a sense a style, I salute all those who wear brightly colored, stylish socks. Just make sure they match. Or don't. While some people may read into your sock wearing habits (i.e., someone whose socks don't match is disorganized), your socks are still a personal expression of your own aesthetics, and for that reason, are a reflection of your beliefs. As such, your socks, whatever style (or however mismatched) they may be, should be celebrated. They are a unique, personal expression of the wearer's preferences, as should be respected as such.

Essentially, Socks are Awesome.
Here are some more reasons why:
1) The provide cushioning for uncomfortable shoes.
2) They protect my feet from sharp rocks.
3) If you put them on your hands, you instantly have mittens!
4) They makes great puppets. Or pets. Whatever you want, I guess.

So please, appreciate your socks. They can do a lot.

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