Monday, July 2, 2007

The West Coast Skinny II

Here in Los Angeles, celebrity sightings and exciting stories abound. For further info on Kenya's celeb sighting including a photo of her new "friend" see below! Some of us have had more luck than others--Kenya's experience was by far the coolest, but the rest of us have been this close to catching up with famous people!! Maybe we'll have Kenya's good fortune next week.

As for the rest of us, Bernie has spent this week trying to track down a basketball celebrity: Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Jack Ramsey. Like many intern endeavors however, this one hasn't yet panned out. Bernie successfully pitched his basketball story to a crowd of opinionated and occassionally ruthless producers and editors who loved it, but he hasn't yet been able to pin down the elusive coach. If anyone out there has an in with basketball hall of famers, definitely hook Bernie up!

Meanwhile, Ellie has been doing some extra-curricular celebrity spotting. At work, she's been researching more stories and also sitting in on interviews as she tries to learn as much as possible about radio. But when she's not in her cubicle, she's been able to spot the stars. This weekend's c-list celeb sightings include: lil’ romeo and that old woman from Austin powers who has a crush on dr. evil.

I've heard that a good place to catch a glimpse of Hollywood's rich and famous are the farmers markets (no joke--no one likes fresh fruit as much as Tom Cruise). This weekend, I dragged recording equipment and Ellie to Santa Monica's farmers market, where we interviewed vendors, chatted with patrons, ate delcious apricots, and spotted zero famous people. This week I also visited the Getty Center, a surreal experience that is more modern park than museum; Rodeo Drive where I tried on just about every pair of sunglasses Coach has to offer; and Abbot Kinney and the Venice Canals in Venice. Still no celebs for me :o(

Last week, I got to go with Alex Cohen to interview a woman who had her own green wedding and I got to track down one of the few people still alive today who was a witness to the Roswell, NM UFO sighting sixty years ago. He's my new favorite 71 year old.

So apart from stars, sports, and UFOs, life out in the West has been relatively normal. Hope all of you are enjoying DC, and your kayak trips and crab feasts and pool parties...from all of us out here, happy July 4th!

All the best,

Haley, Kenya, Ellie, and Bernie

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