Thursday, July 12, 2007


With plans to head out to a birthday party in Bethesda shortly following work yesterday, I left the office in an excited haste. However, realizing that my apartment had run out of toilet paper, I stopped at the CVS before the China Town metro to pick some up. As I dug around in my cavernous purse to pay for it, I discovered that my wallet was missing. After running through the days events, I reasoned that I hadn't even left the building and that it HAD to be at my desk. I called a friend still at the office who sits near my desk, and my assumptions were confirmed. After running back to the office to pick it up, I realized I would never had known it was missing if i hadn't stopped to get toilet paper. And with my bar essentials inside, ie my photo id, credit card and cash there was no chance of me getting into the party. Then it made me chuckle to myself to think that toilet paper saved my a$$.


Anonymous said...

Very funny Holley, very funny and well told.
"Write" up to the punch line..


Allisonforgotpassword said...

Haha, Holley, PUN-tastic!