Wednesday, June 27, 2007

NPR is Mad Sexy, Yo.

TOTN just did a piece on social networking sites and I was reminded of a recent article about NPR’s NYC affiliate hosting a mixer for their listeners to meet other like-minded people. Apparently a lot of people identify themselves as “NPR-listeners” on dating and other social networking sites. So, I decided to do a search on Facebook to see what kinds of NPR-related groups are out there and how many members they have. As it turns out, there are a lot of groups. Here is a sampling…

General addiction and NPR omnipresence…
i heart npr. (4,344 members)
Addicted to National Public Radio (339 members)
Hold on, I’m listening to NPR (690 members)
National Public Radio owns my soul (29 members)
NPR minds in a FOX News world (196 members)

The superiority of NPR…
I listen to NPR. That means I have better taste than you (82 members)
NPR makes me feel educated (50 members)

Obsession with particular shows and hosts…
I have a hero…his name is Garrison Keillor (152 members)
Lakshmi Singh is my favorite NPR Anchor! (22 members)
ira glass is the second coming of jesus (19 members)
Science Friday…the best day of the week (780 members)
The Diane Rehm Show Made Me Smarter (20 members)
All I want for Christmas is Carl Kasell’s voice on my answering machine (81 members)

Defiance of stereotypes…
I am under 30 and I listen to NPR! What NOW! (182 members)
I watch the Sci-Fi Channel and listen to NPR. There, I said it out loud (10 members)
Conservatives who unabashedly listen to NPR (14 members)

And finally…
NPR is Mad Sexy, Yo. (34 members)

Beth Furtwangler

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